Africa Project

"Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

The most efficient mode of transport in the world, the bicycle is the most ecologically and fiscally sustainable vehicle ever created. It provides freedom, mobility and positive change in the lives of people who need it most.

As the founders and owners of Bicycle Warehouse, we have always believed that the bicycle can change lives in a positive way providing Fitness, Freedom, Fun and Transportation. Our tag line says it best – “It’s Your World, Ride It”. It’s this belief that has led us to the Ride Africa Project.

Upon learning about the “Africa Bike Drive & Sister Shop Program” started by Mike’s Bikes in San Francisco, we immediately started the Southern California Chapter to further the cause. The program is a 501(c3) non- profit foundation that establishes self- sustaining bicycle businesses in developing regions in Africa. It partners with local community residents who receive start-up funding along with business and mechanical training to create these sister shops.

We collect donated bikes and gear at all of our stores and events (and money donations via this website). The bikes are shipped to these sister shops in Africa and refurbished before being made available to the local community. Your donated bikes give them access to education, health care, food/water and employment they did not have beforehand.

It empowers people in need, one bike at a time.

We are proud to be part of this worthy cause and look forward to empowering someone with your donation.

Debbe and Mike Simmons

Debbe and Mike, Bicycle Warehouse founders

How it Works

How do we make this amazing program work? With your help of course! The lifeblood of the Africa Project comes from donations of used bikes by our very own guests in Southern California. Help spread the word, and put that old bike that's been sitting in the garage to a good home.

Step 1

Bring in your donation mountain or kids bike to one of our stores and drop during regular business. We can email you a 501(c)(3) receipt that you may use to deduct your bike donation on your taxes.

Step 2

Your donated bike is stored at our warehouse - it takes six to ten months to collect 400 bikes. A shipping container is filled and heads to the port.


Step 3

The bikes begin their three month journey by sea to one of our sister stores.

Step 4

Bikes are refurbished by local mechanics and sold at an affordable price which creates jobs, stimulates the economy and gives the freedom of mobility.

Africa Project Updates

There's always something new happening. Read our blog for the latest on the Africa Project. We thank you and the many lives you improve in Africa. 

Africa Project charity bikes unloading

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